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ACA/IFSA COVID-19 Guidelines Released


ACA/IFSA Announce Publication of In-Flight Service Guidelines

Retail inMotion Talks Green, Sustainable Menu Strategies

Leading the Future of In-Flight Service

IFSA advances the future of in-flight service worldwide by setting the world food safety standards, governance, sustainability, and initiatives for the success of our industry.

110 Airline, Rail, Caterer, & Key Supplier Members

IFSA is a network of the world’s leading airlines, caterers, suppliers, and related companies. Our 55 years of industry service speak volumes leading the in-flight service marketplace as an integral part of APEX.

Advancing the Future of Our Industry

The IFSA Foundation has invested $1.3 million of scholarships for the future of our industry. The IFSA Foundation has the financial backing of our major airlines, suppliers, and APEX as the only global educational scholarship initiative of its kind.

Advancing COVID-19 Best Practices

IFSA has advanced the best safety practices for in-flight service safety in our industry efforts against COVID-19. IFSA conducted the first industry-backed in-flight service safety guidance worldwide.

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